Sunday, July 31, 2011


 The quilt festival was also an opportunity to try what I had heard of as "the best cupcakes ever".  Since I was in the neighborhood I dragged my crew over to Sprinkles in Newport Beach.  No arm twisting needed.

     I think favorite daughter's chocolate and oldest sister's salted carmel cupcakes were devine.
Confession time...oldest sister had also mapquested another cupcake place in Lake Forrest so the next day we traveled to Frostings for dare I say it more cupcakes.  
They are almost running for the door.

They look as good as they taste.
I'm really hoping this will be cupcake overload and I'll never eat another cupcake again. 

 Yeah, right!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy. I could go for one or two right now.

Laural Lane said...

Sharon they were all so good I'm dreaming about them.

Amber said...

Nummy! They all look good! I'd make some but it's too hot to turn the oven on!