Friday, August 19, 2011

Girls Gather

  Last night was the gathering of one of my favorite sewing groups.  In fact I am so enamored by this bunch that I forgot to take pictures, oops!  Since we meet immediately following my work day I did manage to snap a few photos of some interesting goings on at the store.
   Last month I volunteered to donate my quilting services to the Oasis Quilt Guild's opportunity quilt.
 Nancy came in early to pick up the finished quilt and although you can't see the detail of the stitching, trust me it came out beautifully.
The back side also cute.
Thank you ladies for entrusting me with your wonderful doll dress quilt I hope you sell a ton of raffle tickets.  Have a peace filled weekend,  Laural


Ruby Jean said...

Oh Laural that is SO ADORABLE....See that's why I wish I knew how to quilt...Those little dresses on there just make me want to cuddle up with it... :)

Jeni said...

Hi Laural! I love your blog! And I love your patterns!

Laural Lane said...

Thank you Jeni, that means a lot coming from such a talented lady as yourself. And Ruby Jean those dresses are right up your alley. I can picture you changing that quilt to reflect each of the little outfits you make. PS: Love love love the pink ellie on your blog