Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simply Put

   Inspiration for a pattern comes in many different forms.  Working in a quilt shop is obviously a huge advantage.  Last year there was this lonely little line of civil war harvest fabrics which I thought would make a lovely table runner.
   Once that outer border fabric was gone it became very difficult to sell the kits and patterns.  So as was recently posted I have reworked this table runner.   Getting started is easy grab your fall fabric scraps, a piece of muslin and a bit of wool.  I've also added a couple of place mat patterns with a simple little embroidery design to compliment your runner.  Enjoy!
#334 Bountiful Harvest  $7.50
   I think I like this version better.  What do you think?  PS:  Don't forget to register for the August give away, details to the top left of this post.                Laural


Ruby Jean said...

Those are VERY pretty Laural..I wish I knew how to detailed quilting... I do more of a WONKY kind of quilting... : ) Have a Beautiful SONday..

Laural Lane said...

Thank you Ruby Jean but I have seen your work and it is beautiful, creative and fun.