Friday, September 2, 2011

Road Trip

  I like making my posts in the morning, the coffee is hot and my brain is tuned up from a good 4 hours of sleep.  But some mornings I just have to jump in the truck and head out for a road trip.  This one was long overdue.  I have been low on bobbins and needles for the honey q and took a trip to Quilter's Cocoon  in Riverside.
On the return trip I couldn't pass by Stars and Scraps with out a look.
I'm never disappointed by the beautiful vignettes of fabrics and antiques that are always so welcoming.
Couldn't pass up a few tempting fabrics.  

Thanks Mary for going with me and keeping me thoroughly entertained along the way.
Now that I'm home and the bobbins are loaded I can quilt the goat, yeah you read that right.
Marta's goat quilt.

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Amber said...

Road trips are fun and sometimes MUCH needed! That store looks like a browser. :)
xo, Amber