Wednesday, September 28, 2011


   Well I'll tell you what I won't be working on today...anything but the honey Q.  Those quilts are starting to pile up and I need to get crackin.   I'm going to get two meandering quilts done today so I can go back to figuring out the designs on the custom quilts.  Sally's little cheddar and red was a custom but because it was small it went quickly.

Getting Kelly's very large and impeccably made, civil war quilt going with an edge to edge stipple should consume most of my day.

This is how I keep my biceps in shape!
Whatever you are workin on this Wednesday I hope it brings you joy and satisfaction.  Have a peace filled rest of your week.  Laural

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Bowbailey said...

Wow, you get to see and transform so many beautiful quilts! I hope your day is more joyful and peaceful also.