Sunday, November 13, 2011

Road Trip

   I've fallen in love with Fallbrook.  This little town is nestled between inland California and the coast.  While working the quilt show last weekend, I got to see more of the town and began to appreciate what a lovely little gem we have, just a few short minutes away.  So when the post card arrived for the Pudding Stone Road Holiday Gathering I just had to go.
The rain created just a few last minute adjustments.
But you certainly couldn't tell.
The ladies did such a wonderful job of decorating.
And enticing us with great gifts, 
delectable delights...
 and memorable merchandizing.
Rumor has it there will be a Spring event.  
If so, I'll be there.


Bowbailey said...

It looks like I missed a great show! Hopefully I know when the next one is and maybe we can go together!

Pudding Stone Road said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and the kind words. We had a great time putting on this weekend event and can't wait to do another one. So glad you could make it!

Donna ... Pudding Stone Road