Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Share

   I'll admit, since finding Pinterest I have been slightly obsessed with pinning.   Following pins, blog hopping from one pin to another.  While on one such journey I was led to, well...myself.   I found this April 2010 post about a little quilt that caught my eye.  I hope you take a moment to follow the link and read about this Button Town quilt.
I'll also share with you this beautiful line that just came in "Antique Rose" Floral Collection by Lecien.
I had to get just a few pieces.  Enough to perhaps become a stitched pillow for Valentines Day.  That large print will make a great border.
  Lastly, its the end of the year, I would like to leave you with this...
Pie!  That's right something sweet, homey and delicious.  You deserve it, you have hung in there with me through thick and thin this year.  You became followers of this odd little blog and frankly it is because of you that I get up and plan out the day.  Thank you, and no matter what 2012 holds for us I'm glad we found each other and spent some time "sharing".  Laural

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MARY said...

r u gonna bring THAT pie to our group this month???