Friday, January 27, 2012

Stitch Tips #2

   I use a few pens that I just love for transferring my designs onto fabric.  Here are some of my most recent favorites.
From top to bottom:  the sewline pencil gives me such a clean thin pencil line, I use it on the most rarest occasions but it certainly does the job.  Fons and Porter White pencil with eraser.  It has taken years to find a pencil that writes smoothly onto dark fabric, this is that pencil, but I wish I could learn how to load new lead.  Micron 05 permanent fine line marker.  Often I draw eyes on animals for applique' with a permanent marker that I can then cover with a satin stitch embroidery.  The Mark be Gone which I have been using for years.  It is a wash away and often I use the tea bath stage of my stitching to rinse away my blue lines.  Lastly is the newest Frixion heat erasing pen.  I have started to list this on the back of my patterns as my new favorite to transfer embroidery and quilting designs.  It is a  magical moment when you touch the hot iron to it and everything disappears (FYI if you leave it in a hot car it will also disappear).   Well those are my tools of the trade.  Oh yeah if you have office supplies like pens and such you must get a hot pink high heel shoe tape dispenser, available at Staples.
Spike loves shoes!
Have a great weekend everyone.  

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