Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girls Gather

   Last night was the monthly sup n sew.  It was my turn at the main meal and being so close to St. Patty's day I made Irish Stew.  I gathered my ingredients and found a recipe off of Pinterest.
 Quick seared the chuck roast, in batches.
 Being a fan of the crock pot I tossed it all in there with a nice rue and 6 hours later "patty stew" is ready to eat.  Smells and looks delicious.
 Now I apologize for not having sewing photos to share, as I've said before we do a lot more supping than sewing.  In fact this time we had a flea market table and everyone brought notions, patterns and fabric to exchange.  Quite fun and I went home with a new lamp!  Speaking of going home with something...once again I found a cupcake treasure in my bag (giver unknown) from my secret pal.
 It's an adorable cupcake night light!  Where are they finding these things?
Thanks girls such a fun night as always.  PS if you'd like the stew recipe it will be posted on my blog recipe page this weekend.  

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