Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finishing The Anatomy of a Pattern

   I have completed the embroidery details on the new Spring runner pattern.   I like to sew my embroidery in a hoop, keeping the runner nice and taunt.
 The embroidery has added the effects I had hoped for.
 Time to get this backed, batted and onto the honey Q it goes.  I'm going to use a daisy, springy flower motif and not quilt it densely.
A little pale pink polka dot binding all around and that will leave only the long tedious step of typing up the pattern directions.  We are still about a week away before this is officially "published".
 This is one of the reasons why I wanted to show you what happens when you first conceive of a sketch and then the conceptual changes that occur while you are creating that design.
For instance I had a brainstorm to make this a Spring/Summer runner pattern so while making this I created a second one for the next season.  
Finished design!
 They are both constructed in the same fashion so I will only have to change the applique' templates and the paper pieced designs on each runner.  I'm guessing there will be a Fall/Winter coming down the pike.  Well thank you for sticking with me through out this entire anatomy of a pattern.


Betty Lou said...

Both versions are very nice, great runners.

mary said...

LOVE that liberty lady, gotta have it.....that would be really cute inna frame!