Wednesday, May 23, 2012


  The most welcome words a custom quilter can hear "just stipple it".  On this what I'ma workin on Wednesday I'll gladly be stippling two quilts for Wanda.
But I can't spend the entire day on the honey Q and that has led me to a pack of fabrics that I had stashed away for a Christmas quilt.
I'm re-examining these to use for the Fat Quarter's class.  Like I said I'm back on board with that Christmas quilt and these fabrics, I think, will make a lovely table topper.   Alright time to get back to work on that stipple.


Bowbailey said...

Hope you'll have a wonderful creative day! I'm sure the Christmas quilt/tablerunner will be just beautiful. Talk soon

mary calton said...

was that the stack for the bunny hill one that we started?? this one:

i wanna work on that again! i am concentrating on fall right now, however, cuz i want you to quilt like a million things for me, especially joanns jacks!! how many years ago did we do that one????