Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

   Today it's Father's Day.  We have been watching the commercials for weeks now, insisting that we go out and get dad a BBQ or a tie, really, a tie.  When you have children Father's day changes,   It becomes more about the father of your children than the your own dad.  My dad's role has changed drastically since we were children.
Me, dad and big sister Mona
Since retiring from the Navy he has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap that was created from being at sea and moving us from coast to coast, most of our lives.  He has become such a wonderful and loving grandfather to all of his 4 grandkids.  And when things get tough, and boy have they gotten tough, he is our first call.  Our anchor, our rock that lets us know all is right in the world.  I love you dad.

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