Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Starch Applique' Tips

   There are several ways to do applique'.  For the past 5 years I have used the starch method.  As you may know there are many many steps to doing this type of applique'.  While working on my Comfort and Joy blocks this week I thought I might show you two things that help me when doing the starch method on two different shapes of applique'.  The first is a circle.
 Take a straight pin and insert it into the center of your circle.
 Now your hands will be freed up to use the toothpick and iron. 
 The circle will spin freely as you move your iron around the edges.
 My second tip is those pesky points as in stars or this holly leaf.  First cut the tip of the fabric straight as shown.
 Use the tip of your iron and fold that straight edge over onto the tip of freezer paper template.
 Now proceed with ironing the sides.
 Carefully remove excess fabric at the fold with small sharp scissors and a small cut.
 Continue this method with each of the tips and when you are all done your points will be perfect.
Have a great weekend.  Laural


Karen said...

I especially like the circle hint with the pin in it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited !!! I finally figured out how to join yiour blog !!! I know, it's pretty pathetic it took me that long ...