Wednesday, June 27, 2012


   I am so tired of buying an adorable kit or panel while out on a quilt shop hop and once I get home it ends up in a "project box" never to be heard from again.  Today's what I'ma workin on Wednesday is an attempt to complete the aforementioned purchase.  Remember this cute little banner from the Fallbrook quilt shop?   I'm cutting it apart.
 I'll use my fusible batting and line up the backs with the cute little picture triangles on the front.  Hopefully they will stay in place just long enough for me to get these sewn together.
 Going to give myself enough seam allowance to make sure I catch the backing and will be able to cut away the white.
 Pinking rotary cutter and a ruler will make this an easier task.  
 Nothing will hold these pendant pieces together like a nice big fat piece of black rick rack.
 And now I will take you on the Laural crazy train.  All around the panel were these really cute little candy people.  So I'm making 1/2 inch bias tape which I will hand sew to the back side in order to cover the raw edge of my pendant tops.
 Ta Da!  Is it too soon to keep this up until Halloween?  
I must say I'm having a sense of accomplishment with this project, maybe I'll go dig out that punch needle Christmas ornament kit I bought at Road to California in 2008.


Bowbailey said...

Just adorable! Now I'll know exactly how to make mine as soon as I dig it out from a bag somewhere in my closet!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Very cute and you made it look so simple.

I think I would wait until after the 4th to keep it up
permanently. LOL

Have a good day,