Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quilting Class #2

   Good morning students.  I hope you got your homework done, studying your machine, dropping those feed dogs, well oiled??  Then lets proceed with lesson #2.  I hope you like to draw.  Quilting is a process of retraining your brain to become a sewing machine.  The best way to do this is to get your hands and brain used to working together in a sewing way.  Today's lesson is pencil and paper and practice cursive letter "E" as shown below.  Fill the page over and over, get your brain so used to making this motion.
 And then fill a page with cursive "C".   This is what doodling was meant to be.
 Eventually your "C"'s will become the smooth lines of a stipple.
 And your "E"'s will make a nice meander that will eventually be a standard in your designs.
Anybody remember that movie Karate Kid?  Well girls this is the wax on wax off process of quilting.  You didn't think we were just going to throw a quilt on and sew did you?  Please practice your letters on paper. I cannot stress enough that when you are quilting and concentrating on speed, tension, even stitches you will need your brain to go on cruise control and remember the pattern you want to sew.  See you tomorrow for lesson #3.

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Betty Lou said...

Thank you for lesson #2. I posted my first attempt at fmq on my blog last week, it was O.k. but lots of mistakes that washing/drying hide. I like the puzzle type of fmq----never thought of them as C. Guess I know what I will be doing tonight, better get out my tablet and pencil.