Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snowball Tutorial

   It's summer and it's hot.  And maybe that is my inspiration for this post...snow.  Snowball blocks to be exact.  Here are several tips I use to making this block just a bit easier.   #1 The right tools Quilter's Rule Quick Quarter 2.  To draw a straight line from tip to tip.
Tip #2 When sewing on your drawn line I sew just a hair to the right of that line, just a hair.
 Tip #3 STARCH, Starch and more starch, you are sewing, cutting and pressing on the bias starch is your best friend.  I starch before I cut the fabric into squares and again as I set the seam.
 Tip #4 Leave some of the bulk in place.  Thank you Susan for this invaluable tip.  Fold back the bottom fabric to get it out of the way of the seam.
 This will leave you with your snowball square which has been sewn into place.  Measure 1/4" to the right of your stitches.
 Cut away, using your ruler as a guide.
 Your block should look like this.
 Press up to cover fabric corner.
 Feels cooler in here already.
I would love to hear your favorite tips for making this block a bit easier.  

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Anonymous said...

When it comes time to put the blocks together I nested the seams. It meant I had to re-iron a bunch of seams the other way but it really went together quickly.