Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Show Teasers

   Have I wet your appetite yet for visiting Booth #5 in September for the SDQS?  Well, if you need more encouragement here are four more teasers to get you there.
Cheater Lap Quilt
Simplify primitive pillow
 Crow on a Stick (half a dozen)
I also have gotten my sample back from the magazine and have been busy making more kits to sell.
Precious Threads Kit $34.95
Come see the original quilt and I'd be happy to sign your copy of the magazine for you...don't have a copy I'll have a few of those for sale also.  I try to say this each Sunday but this week more than ever I mean it...have a peace filled week.  Laural


Betty Lou said...

I love Precious Threads, need to make it for my sewing room.

Bowbailey said...

I'm so looking forward to booth #5!! Glad you received your original qut back before the show.