Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sharing

   Simply Put has just completed its first official quilt show!!  Huge milestone for my little company and what a show it was.  The response exceeded my expectations.  I'll be adding a "Show" page to my blog so check it out and come visit me if I'm ever in a town near you.
   Meanwhile, mind if I share a few more quilts from the show?  
Barcelona Nights by: Susie Shkolnik of Vista
Spring Breeze by Linda Phillips of San Diego
Dear Jane by Patricia Kirkham of San Diego
Omigosh! by Joanne Himstreet of San Diego
Say goodbye to this Lynette Anderson Christmas quilt, she found a new home with one very happy quilting lady!
This is one of my new kits "Tin Pan Pin" it was a top seller and only available at shows.

 Again I want to thank everyone who braved the heat and came out to support us.  If there is one thing I know all too well its that you can never know what your future holds.  The path you are on is not necessarily the one intended for you, trust that it all works out in the end, and don't  be afraid to follow your dreams.  Have a peace filled week, Laural

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