Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tutorial-Adding the Stem?

   One of my new patterns #372 "Becca's Bouquet" has one little, tiny step that might be a bit confusing.  So when I was making the quilt the first time I made sure to document the process of adding the applique' stem to the flower.  Here is what I did...grabbed an additional piece of stem fabric.

 Pressed 1/4 inch seam allowance down one side (just eyeball it).
 Line up the the finished edge of the stem strip with the already sewn in stem of the leaf block (right sides together).  Baste it with an 1/8" seam allowance and sew only to the center of the strip.
 Press back the other edge of the stem piece till it lines up perfectly with the edge of the stem that has been sewn into the leaf block.
 When you have it lined up, press with the iron.
 Finish basting it in place, or not, this just keeps it from moving once you sew it into the seam.  Check to see if it lines up.
 Now sew your flower head block to your leaf block (rst).
 When the seam is pressed and the flower revealed you should have the additional stem flopping like a tongue.  It now needs to be sized to fit into the V shaped edge of the flower.  Fold one edge over to match the angle of the flower.  Press.
 Repeat with the other side.  Press.
 Trim away access stem to 1/4"seam allowance.
 Like so.
 The folded edge at the tip of the stem should meet the base of your flower block.  Hold or pin in place.
I was kidding about the holding.  Use matching stem thread and very small whip stitches to stitch stem in place.  OK, 3 more times and you are done with this step.  As the pattern directions state this step can be done with raw edge stem, fusible steam a seam and then machine applique' it into place, using the template for this piece included in pattern.  I hope this was helpful.  Laural

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