Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'ma Workin On Wednesday

Well you can certainly tell that the holidays are right around the corner, how you may ask?  The pile of quilts that are all marked "needs by Christmas".  As a reminder if you haven't gotten your quilts to your quilter you might want to think about getting them in the que.  So today I'm working on two quilts, one for a customer...I'm pretty sure she needs this before Thanksgiving
 And one for me...I have finished my version of Comfort and Joy, my shabby chic version.
 Since I will be attending Quilt Market in May I need to get the kits ready for that so I made 123 nine patches for the Quilter's Are kits.  Not enough but a good start.
 And just to keep me busy how about some wool pin cushions?  Sunflowers, flags and hearts.  Where are the flags?, stay tuned.
 Stacy gave me some vintage star blocks and I have been appliquéing them to a four patch background which I will then trim down and make into round vintage pincushions.
Well that keeps me busy for today, stay tuned as I make progress on these projects I'll post the results.  Turns out my show for this Saturday has been postponed until December 1st.  Gives me more time to create more product for you.

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Mia's Cottage said...

I will by 2 sunflower pincushions missy... They are ADORABLE!!
Let me know how much..
Love comfort and joy... Did you see mine??