Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Pincushions

  I get so excited when I'm working on a new item, either pattern or finished good.  This weekend has been quite a productive one.  The boutique last week wiped me out of my wool pincushions, so instead of making the same ones again, I found a pattern for this little owl and just had to make up a half dozen or sew.  Picking the wools is one of the steps I like the most.
 Seeing them begin to come to life is the second step that gets my creative juices flowing.
 And then seeing them done, oh my, as favorite daughter said "those are stinking cute".
I would have to agree but now there are hedgehogs and kitties to be made!  Have a piece filled week everybody.  Laural


mary said...

SO cute!!!!

Laurene said...

Love these little owls!