Friday, January 25, 2013

The Road Quilts

  Anyone living in Southern California is aware that our biggest show of the year is Road to California. It is a quilter's chance to see wonderful art quilts, shop at vendors who's shops we would never be able to visit and enjoy the company of fellow quilters at workshops and classes.  This year's show was once again a crowd pleaser.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day...this was the end of the payment line at the Primitive Gatherings booth!
 The show had a number of Pink and White quilts on display.  We all agreed that this was a color pallet we had not thought about making but would definitely have to try.
Orange Peel Quilt Circa 1880's

Backyard Gatherings made by Carole Charles
Jacqueline's Album made by Joanne Blank

One Block of the We Moost be in Yellowstone quilt
made by Pam Hadfield
Wool Tulip Crossing by Lisa Bongean
Welcome Home by Arlene Stamper
 Inspired to quilt, so off I go.  Have a great weekend,  Laural

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