Thursday, January 17, 2013


I know, I know, I missed the what I'ma Workin on Wednesday post but I was busy putting the finishing touches on my new baby quilt pattern "Baby Star".   
 There is still a bonus pattern that I'm including with this quilt.  I'll be working on that today.  This next project is something I have had sketched for a while now.  I am planning on doing an 8 block "blog of the month".  It is a mystery quilt, it will feature 5 applique' blocks (holiday themed) and 3 pieced blocks.  This is a look at the first applique' block.  I will be charging a one time fee of $10.00 for the entire series.  Each month I will email you a full color picture and pattern directions.
 If you are interested I will need you to message me with your contact information.  The first email will go out at the end of the month.
Lastly I have had Elaine's quilt on the Honey Q  since Tuesday and it is just about done.
Beautiful applique' floral with a echo quilting pattern.  Hope she likes it.

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Betty Lou said...

You have been a busy girl, all very nice projects. Let me think about think about the applique, sounds interesting.