Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WWW-Block of the Month Day

In January of this year I started a mystery BOM called "Celebrate the Holidays".  There is a link to purchase it  here.  Each month I have emailed the pdf files to all the ladies who signed up to participate.  Here is a sampling of some of the blocks.  
American Spirit Block #3
Pieced Blocks #4-6
 This little owl went out right before I left for Portland.
Autumn Block #7
Today I sent out the last of the blocks #8 Christmas.  If you are part of this program it should be in your inbox this morning.  I would love to share your versions of these blocks, please take a minute to send me a picture which I will feature here on my blog.  Next month will be all of the finishing directions.  


Bowbailey said...

I promise to finish these up in July and send you photos. It's hard to figure out wat to start working on some days! They're the cutest blocks though!!!

paulette said...

What a sweet BOM!! Lucky ladies who jumped on this one!! You are one talented lady!