Friday, July 5, 2013

Clean Up Day

I love clean up day!  Its the day I use to clean off my desk top of all photos that I had intended to write blog posts about.  So the post makes absolutely no sense but isn't that the way life is sometimes?  Constantly jumping from one project to another or one task to another.  One of my favorite stops on the So Cal Quilt Run was a cupcake shop Frostings, great display.
This quilt is on time out.  I'm doing the quilting on this purple and green quilt, it belongs to my friend Teresa who passed away last month.  There is no batting in it as she wanted me to use this $1.00 a yard purple fleece for the back and felt it didn't need batting.  Well this quilt is not happy, I can't sew for longer than a few minutes without the thread breaking and the fleece is soooo stretchy that I am having to reposition the top and back constantly.  So its in a time out till I can figure out what the problem is.
Our last Sup n Sew had a few of the girls sharing their projects.  Elisabeth shared some hand embroidery and applique' projects.
Mary had just started work on the Crabapple Hill pattern which I brought back from market.  Can't wait to see how this ends up after she "Mary-a-fies" it.
Susan, who is taking classes at Sewing Party in Laguna Hills, a shop featuring modern fabrics, was hand sewing these blocks.
I received a little pink cupcake stand as a parting gift from Elisabeth who won't be able to attend our meetings anymore.  Does anyone think a cupcake will last long enough in my home to actually sit on that stand?
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July.  I was working on production for upcoming shows and putting the applique' together for a new Christmas pattern which will have three designs included in it.

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