Saturday, August 24, 2013

Facelift an Old Design

I have a pattern called "Both a Blessing".  It's been a very good seller for me, the saying being its most appealing attribute.  
Recently I had an epiphany to update this pattern using modern fabrics.  Here is how that went.  I previewed a grey as my background.
 But I ended up going with a script fabric.  This background fabric is exclusive to Sewing Party.  A treasure of a quilt shop in Laguna Hills California specializing in modern fabrics.
 The color palate was way outside of my comfort zone.  I had to consult with my two bff's (Laurene and Susan) who are very familiar with the modern style.  Thanks girls!
 Here is the finished result prior to quilting.  
 Yes, the saying is a little more difficult to read but I had a great time remaking this design.
Enjoy your weekend, maybe take a moment to give a facelift to an old friend.


WoolenSails said...

I love how that came out with the new fabric choices. I like making things for my daughter and it is fun to use modern fabrics on prim designs for her.


paulette said...

I have that of the patterns that I bought at the Quilter's Coop!! It's still working for me! LOve this pattern!

annie said...

i love the new background fabric, but I liked the colors in the old house best! Thanks for sharing! It is a wonderful saying!

Laurene said...

I think it looks fantastic and I love that you are using some modern fabric!