Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's a Share Day

I don't know about you, but when I have one of my sewing group meetings, I start preparing for it in advance.  I look forward to the sewing almost as much as the camaraderie.  This Thursday I wasn't able to attend my Sup n Sew group but luckily Beverly forwarded me pictures of the night.  I missed out on Sheri's Taco salad...
Blondie Brownies (home made yum!!)
and hand sewing redwork embroidery.  I don't have a tape recording of the conversation but I can guess that I missed out on quite a bit.
 I met a lady at Long Beach who had purchased one of my table runner patterns.  She showed me her pictures of it on her iPad.  Wow was I impressed.  She had used glow in the dark thread and over stitched a ghost design onto the runner.
Paula had also changed the applique' and added a kitty to one end of the runner.  Thank you so much Paula for sending me a picture of your version of my table runner design.  I love it!


gmp said...

That redwork piece of the woman is so pretty. By any chance, would you be able to get any Information about it?
Thank you,

gmp said...

Can't really tell from the it a woman or a snowman? LOL!!