Friday, September 6, 2013

SDQS-Quilts on Display part 1

   Today was day three of the four day show down in San Diego.  I made the drive home and wanted to share some of the beautiful quilts on display at the show.  There is never a shortage of primitive quilts on display...
Primitive Garden by Debby Burns
Sew Primitive by Cheri Larson
York Street Garden by Mary Helen Salazar
Folk Art Gathering by Kathy Reppenhagen
Liberty Garden by Catherine Hughes
Scrappy Bear Paw by Kim Naylor
Kansas Trouble Strings by Kim Naylor
There was a special section at the show dedicated to two World War II quilts.  
 It is so hard to tell how wonderful these quilts are.  I love the use of the patches, each sewn to its own block and then floated on the background.
 Before I finish up this post I wanted to show you my booth layout.
 It was a year ago at this very show that I decided to take my little pattern company public.  My line has grown, my customer base has increased and I'm finally getting comfortable displaying and saying that these are my designs.
 My modern quilts are still a crowd pleaser.  This time I am able to send the customers to Elkhorn Quilt company and Sewing Party for fabrics to complete these projects.
If you are in the neighborhood, come on over and say hi.  I'm in space #620.  We will be open from 10am to 6pm, we will have the AC cranking.


paulette said...

WOW!! Gorgeous quilts and your booth looks wonderful...and much bigger!! WOW!

Bowbailey said...

The booth has loads of "Eye Candy"!! I agree with Paulette the booth looks much bigger. I'm glad you're letting everyone know that you're the designer! Finish up the quilt show going strong-have a great day❤

Anne said...

Love the pictures of the quilts. So inspiring. Your booth looks wonderful, as always!

Susy said...

Hi Laural,
It was so nice to visit you in your wonderful booth. I'm excited to get started on your patterns. I love "These Three Throws". Which one do I make first?!
Great pictures from the S.D. Quilt Show... yes, their were some amazing quilts!
Cheers, Susy B from The Loft