Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

   As 2013 comes to a close its a time to reflect on the road left behind and the road yet travelled.  I spent a lot of time on that road, doing shows, guild meetings and presenting my line at quilt market.  This next year will be much of the same.  The only difference being I will expand my travels to many of my neighboring states.  
   I'm excited for 2014.  The possibilities are endless, I have designs all drawn up (in my mind) which are just itching to get completed.   In an effort to get over my cold I pulled out some modern fabrics and did a "do over" of a Christmas design originally published in 2008.
 Charm squares make the perfect half square triangles.
 My "Quick Quarter-2" ruler is the perfect tool for drawing the diagonal lines on the back of the light fabrics.
 Sew scant quarter inch on both sides of that drawn line.
 Squaring up the blocks, a necessary, yet annoying step in the quilt block process.
 I forgot how quickly this little wall hanging background and border go together.
 Previewing fabrics for the applique' center.
 With nothing but primitive flosses in my stash I needed to make a run to my local quilt shop for a more modern pallet.
 Now to quilt it and rewrite the directions to include some of the new colors and stitches.
  They don't even look like the same pattern.  I think I might have enough fabrics to make about 8 kits, perfect for the Tucson show in 2 weeks.  Yikes, I'm so far behind I can see myself coming!
 Hope you all stick with me as I make my way down this unknown path of quilting, sewing and designing? and have a very Happy New Year!


Jacqueline said...

Very cute and you are right about the two looking nothing alike.

Happy New Year

Bowbailey said...

You have many, many friends that are there for you and only want to see continued success for you!!! I know you have another great year in 2014��