Monday, January 20, 2014

Quilts from the Show

The drive back from Tucson last night was thankfully uneventful.  Everything is still loaded in the van as the neighbors frown upon too much noise after 11pm.  But I was able to bring in my camera and uploaded the photos from the show.  For those of you that didn't make it here's a sampling of the quilts on display...

Cathy Washburn's Autumn Glory by Heart to Hand
Barbara Polston's Vintage Roses
Sheryl Verts' Remembering Lincoln
Mary Johns Discombobulated Stars
Suzanne Ashmead Nantucket Window Box
 Here is a close up of the bird.  The flowers were all done in 3-D.

Ann Therrien Not Your Grandmothers Garden
 A close up view of this tiny little quilt!

Cathy Washburn Chocolate and Mint Jo Morton
Donna Vlitanen Lotus in Moonligh
Laura Steiniger Extravagant Nature
Judy Breneman Civil War Reproduction
 More to come and so much work to get to. 

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Karen said...

The log cabin quilt is my favorite followed by a close second to the quilt with the horses.