Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valley Quilters Quilt Show

  There are several reasons that this little local show is one of my favorites, first I get to see so many familiar faces from the quilt shop days.  Secondly, the quilts hanging in the show are a wonderful representation of the abundant talent within this community and lastly the warmth and welcoming atmosphere with which the guild puts on their show.  And don't get me started on the FREE lunch!!
This year I twisted the arms of all my Sup n Sew gals to enter a quilt or two.  Here's the results of that cajoling...
Beverly Southall-Hidgeon Camp
An Original design by Sheri Goodman
Original Design by Laural Arestad
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Laurene Cota
Sheri Goodman-Sweet Summertime
Barns by Elisabeth Bilbault
Donna Smith's silk quilt-Civil War Stars
Flower Baskets by Terry Garcia

Green Tea & Sweet Beans by Susan Bailey
 Wait, Wait, what's that I see on Susan's quilt??  BLUE Ribbon winner!!!   Woot!
 You go girl!!
 We are all so proud of Susan and the beautiful applique' quilt we watched her sew on all last year.


audrey said...

Those are some great quilts! I almost made the Hidgeon Camp quilt years ago and chickened out. Love the original Eagle quilt and the last applique one. Just fabulous.:)

paulette said...

I enjoyed all of these quilts...and took pics of several!! I loved your Original Design...and seeing it in real life was a bonus!! So sweet!!
I will be blogging about THAT one for sure!!

Cathy said...

Such beautiful quilts made by some really talented quilters. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. Hugs

Mary said...

Love the quilts you shared, Thanks! Lots of fun to have your friends share from your group. I try to encourage my guild ladies to enter their quilts in the Fair. It' not easy to get quilters to share sometimes.