Monday, April 7, 2014

Nevada, Gambling and a side of Quilts

   Late last night I got back home from a four day trip to Henderson Nevada.  This was my first time vending with the Desert Quilters of Nevada and it certainly won't be the last.  What a whirlwind of a trip...the vendors and quilt show were spread out into the entire convention center.
 My space was crammed full of product once again.  I might need to learn to edit myself, just a bit.
 The isles were always packed with enthusiastic quilter's.

For me, the quality of the quilting in this show was superb.
 Pennies from Heaven by Suzette Vaughn
 "Streak of Kaffe" by Cynthia Anderson
 "Gray Chevy" by Suzanne Shull Mayfeild quilted by Brenda Alcorn
 "Burst of Color" by Bobbie Shear
 "Hampton Ridge" by Jean Bailey, quilted by Val Krueger
"Un Common Bride" by Dana Vesner, quilted by Val Krueger
Unfortunately you can't please everyone and this little nugget was not a happy camper.
Maybe if she had been able to eat that lolly she held so tightly she would have had a better time.   


Sandy said...

Your booth looks great - I love a packed space. Sounds like you did well!

Ondrea said...

A lovely array of quilts there. Poor little thing was probably very bored.

Lindi S said...

Thanx for sharing the beautiful quilt pics! I used to lve out there and we always called it "Lost Wages". L