Saturday, December 19, 2015

Countdown to Christmas #6

One of my favorite shops in the Southern California area is The Country Loft.  For years now they have had a designer named Donna Yackey who would make the most whimsical patterns.

I made "Happy Christmas" after buying the pattern during an open house event.  It remains a family favorite long after the kids have become too old to still beleive in Santa.


paulette said...

You are SEW right...a gorgeous, happy Christmas quilt! Wishing you the best Christmas ever!! Big hug!

Karen said...

I can see why the quilt is a favorite with your family. I don't have a desire to visit California but if I ever did, this quilt shop would be on my list to visit. I love seeing the pictures the shop posts.

Laural Lane said...

Merry Christmas!! See you in February.

Laural Lane said...

You would love this shop and the ladies that work there.