Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016

   2015 began and ended with personal loss. Somewhere in between though I found the strength to make a decision about my business, my home, my future. Details will follow, for now I would like to share some of the new designs I will be displaying at shows in 2016.
Homespun Houses was designed by Stacy Piulin for Simply Put. 
No title for this one yet maybe as I quilt it inspiration will strike.
Granny's Gift, a tribute to my dad's mom who taught me to always keep learning and to my dad for encouraging every step I've taken. I miss you dad. 
   All three designs will be available on my website in a few weeks. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 


paulette said...

ALL wonderful, Laural! Have a wonderful year and all the best!

Laural Lane said...

Thank you Paulette.

Darlene said...

very beautiful!!

Laural Lane said...

Thank you Darlene!

moosecraft said...

All of these are beautiful... though I think if I had to pick one to stitch... it would be Granny's Gift! Love it! Happy New Year!

Laural Lane said...

I'm so glad you like it, thank you!!