Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls Gather

Like so many women, we have a lot on our plates.  I have several sewing groups that meet monthly.  Under the "girls gather" heading I will post some of our projects, things we eat and fun stuff we talk about. Friday was the Les Petite group.  We have sadly dwindled down to 4 members, but that has given us the opportunity for a more intimate sewing circle.  I'm finishing up my 12th and final block of a seasons quilt which I began with the inception of this group 2 years ago.  We base most of our sewing on the Quiltmania book by Reiko Kato entitled "Les Petites Histoires de Sue et Billy".

 As the host this month I baked the Martha Stewart banana bread recipe with the addition of chocolate chips and walnuts.  It came out moist and delicious.

The redwork is my #321 Red Hen pattern
   The early evening culminated in my second "gathering".  We are still working out a title for this recently formed group.  What I enjoy about this one is the variety of personalities, talents and quilting projects.  This night the discussion was all about the new buggy barn book, which premiered at market.  Since so many of us have never tried the buggy barn method there was quite an interest in making the tea pot quilt from that book.  Meanwhile Susan finished her baby quilt.

  We had my mom's taco salad for dinner.

 There was hand sewing of "Tisket a Tasket" by Bunny Hill.

 I made needle cases for all the ladies with sentimental friendship sayings for each pocket.
#400K Needle case kits from Simply Put Plus 

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Susan Bailey said...

Oh great, you couldn't just put a picture of the quilt, you had to include my face! I don't see any other faces from Friday night and you had a lot of lovely faces to choose from other than mine.