Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWW (Whatima Workin on Wednesday's)

 As previously mentioned I work at our local quilt shop.  I am so 
fortunate to have my own area for displaying
 the "Simply Put" pattern line. for all your quilting needs
   We have just completed week one of the Southern California quilt run.  
my boy as stamper and official greeter
      Although exhausted from the run and this being my day off I still 
have sponcitilities.   I have been given 5 quilts to quilt.  I won't get to top 
stitching any of them today however I will be sketching out ideas for the 
sewing and doing all the prep work ie: pressing and basting. 
far background is "quilters world" mentioned in my first post
 This should keep me busy and out of the kids hair as they continue to sleep till noon,
fully enjoying their summer vacation. 

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