Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Color Is...

   Color, as an artist, as a quilter it feeds our addiction.  In my youth I worked with water colors.   Mixing and remixing until I would develop just the right shade of turquoise, lime green or a deep pink but not quite red.  And then what?  I would pour the translucent colored liquid into a small baggie and freeze it.  Soon our freezer became filled with neat little stacks of my water color rainbow palette.  Now that I have watched the "Hoarders" television show I realize there may have been an issue.  But at the time my goal was to just save something I thought of as beautiful.
   Today my freezer contains raw meat and frozen pizza snacks, but the need to visit a nice color palette is still there and when I get a craving I play in my fabric stash.

   There are mornings when the weather, a dream or your mood set the color palette for the day.  Yesterday all three of us found we had some time off so we got out of the house.  Left 90 degree heat and headed for the beach. 

  The overcast skies which never cleared are what has set the tone for the day...Grey
My first ever pieced quilt.  Pattern by Cheri Payne "Homespun Stars"

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