Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls Gather

   Last night was our sup-n-sew group.  This is a fairly new group and we are still trying to find our niche' but we definitely know how to "sup".
Mary's blueberry crumb cake with a side of fancy fingernails.
Spicy artichoke dip and chips.

   I asked the ladies to un-furl and share their projects...this is what they brought.
Elisabeth's first quilt ever!  Looking less than thrilled at being photographed.

Elvia's fabric art block

Susan's table topper
Theresa's sit n sew project that is ready for quilting.
Mary's version of a JoAnn Mullaly wool crazy pattern.
I continue to be amazed and awed at the talent that surrounds us all.  And thank you ladies these get togethers mean more to me than you can know.  Have a glorious and peace filled weekend.  Laural

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