Saturday, July 16, 2011

Its News 2 Me

   Ever since the girls got back from Quilt Market I have been anxiously awaiting the new Buggy Barn book.  The buzz about the book (Still Crazy) and projects within have gotten several of my sewing groups into a stack n wack frenzy.  Well Thursday when I got into work there was a nice crisp copy left on the counter with a little post it saying "hold for Lori".
Now I have never done a buggy barn project and am not exactly sure how to construct one of these.  But I have dog eared my two favorites and plan to begin pulling fabrics.
Eating ice cream while debating on making an ice cream quilt!
This may never grow up to be more than a table topper or runner but I am determined to try this because those ice cream cones are dang cute.


mary said...

Yes, those are very cute, but what is that on the napkin? is that a mallomar?! i have to go to walmart, they are the ONLY place that has them!!! AND if you are gonna do buggy barn, i want a lesson, i want to do the witches one....

Laural Lane said...

Those are chocolate covered chocolate bon bons from Trader Joes. Only 60 calories each! I will let you know when arrangements are made for the buggy barn lesson. I need one too.