Wednesday, July 13, 2011


   The agenda for today is to...relax.  I can't remember the last time I just took a day off and sat with my own thoughts.  And nothing relaxes me more than to complete a quilt job.  One that doesn't have a deadline just a project I'm excited about.
   I have a nephew who got married earlier this year and is now expecting his first child.  It has been leaked (by a reliable source) that the baby will be a girl, so today I'm digging out some "Lilly and Will" by Bunny Hill.  I'm throwing in some brown and pink that I've had laying around and framing all of that with a floral tone on tone.
Linda Rodgers made this little brown mohair bear.
After I complete this little sewing project I'm going to relax with one of my favorite things...
 No, not a book silly.
They may call this one "Indecision" but I always know its the one I want.
To all my blogger friends and followers I send you a peace filled day.   Laural

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