Wednesday, July 6, 2011


   The idea for a new pattern comes to me in many different ways.  Since I have been stitching for over a dozen years I have quite the collection of sayings that I use to make finished goods.  Last week a couple of ladies who I haven't seen in a while came into the shop and made a request for "something for my sister".
   That was all it took.  I went through my old pattern sayings and started sketching something up.

  On this whatima workin on Wednesday I'll be making a 3"x3" log cabin block using the paper piecing method.
This little block will be inserted into the body of the 5x7 stitchery.  My hope is that the focal fabric in the center can be switched out with a fabric printed photo of "most favorite sister".
I'm working out the details of adding texture by going to my lace basket and neutral background choices so that the vine stitchery around the log cabin block will stand out.   I'll post a picture of the finished stitchery at a later date.    

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