Sunday, July 3, 2011

Honey Q

   BBQ's, picnics, fireworks and family gatherings...this is how the 4th of July holiday weekend is meant to be enjoyed.   My focus however is to complete the quilting of the store sample.
    In January of this year I bought myself the HQ16 sit down model so that I could restart  my hand guided quilting service.  It took several months to get used to Honey and we still struggle at times but I'm sure glad I have her for this project.
"Trillium Leaf Vine" border design by Darlene Epp
When I first began free motion quilting some 5 years ago, I found a quilting forum that suggested getting "The Pocket Guide to Freehand Quilting" by Darlene Epp.  
The center panel is complete and I am almost to the outer border.  What will that be?  I don't have a clue.  As it hangs on the banister, and I flip through my quilting patterns, it will come to me.
I'm loving the rick rack reindeer legs!

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