Monday, September 19, 2011

New Pattern

  I took the new pattern #362 At Home into the shop today and for the first time in Simply Put history, on a Monday no less,  it sold out!

   I'm so grateful to the customers who saw something in this pattern that touched them, and to Joann for always encouraging me to "bring it in" whenever I have a new design.  Thank you,  Laural


Carri said...

This design touches my heart! You have a true gift.

Anonymous said...

Yes this design also touches my heart, it is so beautiful. Is the pattern still for sale. Kind regards, Ann

Laural Lane said...

Hi Ann,
This pattern is absolutely still for sale. You can go to my website and find it there. It retails for $8.50 and I ship within 24 hours. Thank you for asking.