Sunday, September 18, 2011

Girls Gather

   One of my favorite sewing groups met and Beverly shared several projects.  The first is inspired by the sample she had seen oh so many years ago hanging at Calico Cottage (now closed).  It is Aprons by Lori Holt from  Bee in my Bonnet .  But of course it is done in the style of Beverly.

The other project she had, in progress, was by Cheri Payne .

If you can't tell from the photos there is some talent in this group.  I never leave without gaining a bit of inspiration and a bit of weight from the abundant amount of food we bring.  Thanks friends, always a joy.  Laural

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Ruby Jean said...

Oh those are all so pretty but I certainly LOVE that Apron Quilt....Oh that has to be the Cutest thing....Maybe it has something to do with my LOVE for Aprons... : )