Friday, September 16, 2011


  This blog is dedicated to Barbara who so kindly asked me for some photos and "dummy" directions on how to make one of my needlecases.  Barbara, I don't think your a dummy you are visual, as am I.  So here is a step by step with photos.
Each kit comes with three fabrics and a wool felt.  You need to decide the outside and lining of your needle case (two smaller fabrics).  The longer fabric is the pockets.
Cut pocket fabric according to pattern directions.  Press each in half.  Place smaller pocket on right side of lining fabric as above.  Stitch down pocet middle.   Place other pocket at opposite end.
Trace your freezer paper template according to pattern.  Sandwich the needlecase right sides together and iron the shiny side of template onto wrong side of needlecase.  Remember to leave an opening (as designated on pattern) for turning.  Also shorten your stitch length, makes turning corners easier.
Trim and turn inside out (I use hemostats) through opening.
So this is how your needle case should look.  Transfer the wool felt template and cut around.
Move your needle over so you can sew a smaller 1/4" seam.  Also return your stitch length to normal. 
Sew a decorative edge all the way around your needle case.  This does two things.  Gives your case a finished look and seals the turning space in your case.  I make sure my bobbin thread matches the fabric it will show up on as does the spool thread (note these are often two different colors).
Top stitching view from inside case.
Place wool felt down center of inside case and stitch in place, lock in stitches at beginning and end.  Again your thread will show so make sure it matches.
You're Done!  Your kit includes a small piece of fabric for an option of adding an applique' heart or star to the front cover of your case.  
September Give Away.  If you hung in there for that tutorial then I thought I would post the next monthly giveaway.  This ice cream themed needle case is up for grabs.  You will be entered in this months giveaway by becoming a follower of this blog, liking my simply put plus facebook page or posting a comment about this blog post.  Good luck.  Laural


Sally from CA said...

Love your clear directions on making the cute needlecase. Looks like a great Christmas gift for my stitching friends.

Mel Bee said...

Please don't laugh - as I'm new at this. What the heck is "freezer paper"?

Laural Lane said...

Hi Mel Bee, Freezer paper can be found in the foil area at your local grocery store. It has one dull side and one shinny side. It is great for making templates as they can be used over and over again. Plus once ironed into place they will not move making sewing around them quite convenient. Freezer paper should be pressed from the dull side only. Hope this helps. Laural