Friday, October 14, 2011

Road Trip

   I miss San Diego.  It was my home for many years, so when the girls yell Rosies I know we are heading south and hitting some of my favorite quilt shops and maybe a new one.
The Country Loft is a charming little house in LaMesa. 
Not only are you greeted like an old friend who's just returned home...
but the rustic vignettes inspire you to break out the sewing machine and get busy.
I tried to talk Donna into this little red step ladder but she wouldn't take the bait, even at $49.00 which I thought was a good deal.
I think it was the pile of Moda "Hometown" she had her mind and wallet set on.
On the North bound journey we took a slight detour to explore the newest addition to our local quilting world.
Grand Country Quilters has only been in business for a week or two and it already has a reputation for friendly, welcoming staff and a keen eye for merchandising.
We loved the displays of samples, tea dyed and aged.  

This is definitely a shop we will come "home" to again.   Thanks girls it was a fun day.  Laural


Ruby Jean said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun...I go to Rosie's often... : ) these others that you have mentioned I haven't but it looks like I need to...
Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Hi Laural, added a link to this post on our blog. Thanks again for all the kind words!