Friday, November 18, 2011

Girls Gather

   I'm thinking we may need to change the name of our Thursday night group.  From Sup n Sew to Chat and Chew, cause we do a heck of a lot more sup-ing than sewing.  Here's what happened last night...
Laurene brought a recipe from Housewives of New Jersey "Joe's Juicy Balls"
Mary and Susan added to our thighs with pumpkin cookies and cream puffs.
At some point we did get around to sharing a few finished and not so finished projects.  Like Elisabeth's ruffle she added to her applique' quilt.
Elvia's Halloween quilt.
And we noticed a bit of stitching in the groin area that we were questioning???
Laurene brought the cutest little book that the blogs are all a buzz about.
Here is one of the projects from it.
It's a busy busy weekend for everyone.  Women especially are furiously grocery shopping, cleaning and getting ready for a holiday centered around food and the family table.  We do this because it is how we show our family that we love them.  Take care ladies and rejoice in the joy that surrounds your tables.  Laural

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