Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sew Good

   I wanted to share some sewing and not so sewing finds.  Many of which were shared in the sewing groups, validating what I already knew, being in a sewing circle is enlightening in many different ways. Like when a friends shares the tiny pumpkin she made and everyone says AHH.
...or a new Quiltmania book comes in from quilt market and it is passed around the room
...I've learned that when red bleeds all over white fabric and it isn't your quilt but a clients, you can use this cleaner and they will never know (Sally I am so not talking about your quilt).
...and through trial and error and the rumor mill, these tools have made my stitching life easier
...On Cheri's blog I found Pinterest with this photo of primitive candy canes which if you are on my gift list you might be getting a few of these.
 Cause, you know, I have more time than I know what to do with.  Alright, that's enough of this its back to the honey Q for me.  I hope you find something to share with your sewing circle that makes them smile, get inspired or makes their sewing life just a bit easier.

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Beth-Sugarsmacks Boutique said...

Well, part of this post seems like it's just for me! Thanks so much!