Wednesday, November 23, 2011


   It may be the day before Thanksgiving but I'm still gonna be workin on something this Wednesday.    I'll start the dough rising for Zwebacks and put the finishing touches on the cross hatching design on Elaine's quilt.
You'll notice I use blue painters tape to mark my lines.  Usually three or four strips at a time because they peel off so easily.  It's so time consuming but really makes the most accurate grid lines.
Mixing up the artichoke casserole (favorite daughter's request) and then quilting a store sample aka Susan's little wall hanging.
Stacey and I made kits for this quilt yesterday at the Coop.  This Bloom Creek pattern is so darn cute, can't wait to see it hanging.
Back in the kitchen for me...who says I can't multi task?  My middle name is multi task.  Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.  Laural


mary calton said...

what are zwebax??

Laural Lane said...

Hi Mary, Zwibacks are the sweet German dinner rolls that Ron's mom made for the kids. Turns out that was all they would eat at Thanksgiving. They are both really missing a connection with their dad.

Bowbailey said...

okay I want to try one of those rolls!! I thought they were a cracker. I've got the binding ready to go!