Friday, November 25, 2011

Tutorial-Paper Templates

  I'm working out the details of a new pattern and one of the elements of this design is a "scrappy" looking heart background.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to make and sew using paper templates.
When I say "scrappy" I mean get in that scrap bin and pull out a few pieces big enough to fit your design.  I have a craft caddy labeled by color that I throw my scraps in.
 Digging through the lights I select 4 that I think (once pressed) will work well as a background for some stitching.
Take a piece of freezer paper.  Lay it out on top of your design.  Draw all lines and before you cut them out make a hash mark (aids with lining them up) that crosses the seam line from one piece to the other.
Cut templates apart and iron them to the right side of your fabric.  Make sure to leave a quarter inch seam allowance around each piece (as above).  Also you want to transfer any numbers or letters onto your templates.
Sew your pieces in numerical order.  I use that hash mark to put my pin through.  This gives me a good guide when trying to line up a shape that is a little wonky.  With right sides together (this means paper is on the inside as you sew), sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.
When you open it up you can see that the hash mark lines up and you have assembled your first segment.  Now add the next piece or proceed to next segment.
I leave all my paper on until I have completed the project.  Press your seams open each time you finish a segment.  Once complete this heart will be applique'd onto a background and I'll do some stitching on it. Stay tuned to see the completed pattern its close very very close.

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